Can pandora be improved?

I have pandora and mog and am curious if something can be added to improve the sound quality? Thanks, Scott
If you pay for the premium service instead of the free stuff.
How does that improve it, I am paying for Mog, but dont notice a difference. thanks,Scott
I just know that when I started getting the paid service (maybe better streaming speed), the audio quality was much better. You also don't have to listen to the advertisements every few songs as on the free service.
Ok, but as far as a component added to for better sound nothing available?
assuming you're listening off your computer, you can an add an external dac which will bypass the generally inferior soundcard in your computer and improve sound. there are innumerable threads as to which dac to choose for your budget.
i think i read pandora is 98 to 126kbps. mog and spotify premium are 320kbps. this could be part of the answer. john
Pandora is 128KPS for free. 192KPS for the paid service.

What equipment are you using now to listen? Based on your current setup, some advice can be given.

If you have a Squeezebox, you can only get 128 kbps. Their premium service will not kick up to 192 on a Squeezebox. I called them on it and they said they don't know when or if they'll ever get 192 kbps for the Squeezebox.
Just toying with the computer idea currently just using a roku into my Viva.Is it true that the quality will still be inferior to a good cd player?
"just using a roku into my Viva"

Roku Soundbridge direct into a (Viva) amp? Is that correct?

Using analog or digital wires from Roku to amp?

Roku Soundbridge internal DAC is OK but nothing special. Digital out to a good DAC should be an improvement as it was in my case.

Pandora is supported on Logitech Squeeze devices. I use it there and the sound quality is pretty good, almost CD like, definitely in the league of better mp3s and other similar internet radio sources, like Radio Paradise for example, in lieu of direct a/b comparison I would estimate. In the general "hifi" league and listenable for most I would guess. You have to have very good ears (and a very good system) to be able to tell the difference from CD in general with most music I would say.

That's what should be possible with the free Pandora service if the playback rig is done well.
Hi, I am sure you have found your answer by now, but if not, in the settings section of pandora, there is an option for high quality sound. It's a better option and indeed improved sound. This option at the time of your question was only for premium members of pandora, those who had a paid subscription, now. It's available to all... Hope this helps...
Here's the answer straight from below "It might be time to pay for Pandora subcription"
I listen to Pandora a lot. Am a subscriber. Was running a V-DAC off an ASUS netbook. The thing that recently made a big improvement was the addition of the V-LINK. Both are gen 1 devices. Music off Pandora really sounds great now.
I get the same results I've noticed when I use the iPhone with the Sync cable via USB into my car head unit vs. the Android phone using the mini audio input into the same head unit as a non-subscriber member. But this is Apples and Oranges compared to your V-Link setup.
I used to subscribe to Pandora premium but canceled since they never supported 192k for Squeezebox devices. I loved the Pandora Genome technology but the low bitrate was not worth it. I now use Spotify but only for the higher bitrate. Would go for Pandora in a heartbeat if they stepped up in sound quality. With that being said, I recently bought a Logitech Transporter. Pandora sounds MUCH better on the Transporter than the Touch even though it's the same 128k bitrate. Although Spotify is still much better SQ-wise, I would be happy with the SQ of Pandora played through the Transporter.
My ears agree w Mtruong34. I listen to Pandora quite a bit through my Modwright Transporter. It sounds very nice. Surprisingly good SQ.
In my earlier response, I left out some vital info. I was saying that Pandora sounds much better on the Transporter than the Touch. You're probably thinking duh of course since the Transporter is has a much better DAC at alot more money than the Touch; it's supposed to! I forgot to mention that Pandora through the Transporter sounds much better than through the Touch + Bryston BDA-1 DAC. I think that's a better apples to apples comparison now.
I have a Grant Fidelity Dac-11 coming next week, I can't wait to hear what Pandora or Spotify will sound like on this. By the way, check out if not already, they have lots of free streams at 192k, 256k and used to have a few at 320k, but I'm not seeing those right now.
I subscribe to MOG, which streams at 320k, Rhapsody (192k) and Pandora (128k via Squeezebox). They all sound great to me and the difference between 128k and 320k is not as significant as most would like to believe.
I have the same opinion as Cruz.
Pandora sounds pretty darn good on my reference rig as good as rhapsody.
Cruz123 and Mr_bill,
Agree with your opinions on Pandora. Whether I'm listening to it thru my Vintage system or my "A" systems, I really enjoy it.

I am thinking about adding Rhapsody as another source. What can you tell me about it compared Pandora as far as user interface?
Wow am I an idiot with computers, I couldn't find the "settings" that soundvision refers to above