Can overseas shipping be less using the Audiogon system or is there a better way?

 This category is the closest that I could find for this discussion. I have a Carver C-9 listed here that a gentleman in the UK would like to buy. After checking shipping locally, the rate was $140! Um no, can't do. So I looked at another option from or some name like that who offers 3rd party shipping. I am probably butchering this already, but the point here is that they only dealt with shipping discounts when using say Amazon or another large supplier.
 Me? I have one item that I would like to ship for a more reasonable cost. Maybe not even possible for us peons. Any advice or experience with this? Thanks all.
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The only thing with 3rd party shipping is if its lost  or Stolen  good luck trying to collect your money back...
'Lost' has been happening more frequently in the states lately. Overseas feels like outer space to me. Yah, yah, Houston, we have a problem.
 Anyway, I am beginning to doubt that as an individual, I can accomplish much in the way of getting a better price.
No you cant.  Shipping has gone way up on every major carrier.  I lost a speaker sale due to the high cost of shipping.
Compared to current domestic shipping rates, $140 sounds quite reasonable for international shipping. Has the potential buyer investigated what kid of import duties he'll be required to pay to retrieve the amp from UK customs?