Can one have too many tube components in a system?

Especially if one has sensitive speakers? For myself with ZU Omen defs, I have to keep an eye on the gain of the amps I choose since my BHK runs tubes. If gain is too high, tube hiss becomes an issue. However, I see people with tubed amp, tube pre, tubed phono pre, tubed dac......doesn't the tube his (just like tape hiss every time you copy a tape over and over) intensify with every component? Or to pull this off one needs less efficient speakers?

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I have tubes in all components except for my streamer. No hiss, none…not a bit, dead quiet… If you have hiss, there is something wrong. The speaker efficiency on mine is 90db. 

For me each additional tube component was synergistic and brought my system to a new level of realism. Now over the last few years those tubes came from the same company, Audio Research Corp… so there was even more synergy there since they were designed and built together. 


With recognition that I am not the most experienced with the proposed scenario, I have come to learn that having compatible gain across all components in the system is always a concern and I would agree that this can be even more critical with tube gear and sensitive speakers. 

Not so much with tube pre/amp combinations, though there are many tube pres that IMO provide too much gain. Especially when using high output DACs.

The concern would be greatest with tube phonostage as they generate the greatest magnitude of gain. 


I should add that I have a system with tube DAC tube pre, and tube amp. My speakers are 91dB, not overly sensitive.

@oldhvymec  I loved that response! Most of those that use multiple of tube components know what they are doing. I am still exploring.

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