Can One Display Their Audio Wares on Audiogon?

I have a small start-up company that produces clear acrylic products for use with vintage JBL ring radiators and ESS AMTs.  Can I show and/or advertise on this site or is that a no no?

Of course you can just post an ad you may need to register as a dealer or manufacturer, that part I am not sure about. But its definitely fine it’s done here all the time.
You can do a virtual system that shows and describes your stuff and you can certainly sell stuff here.
@toddalin - This is the user forum section of AudiogoN. AudiogoN is a commercial system that generates its revenue from both classified ads and website/banner ads. If you have reached the forum section without first having gone to the commercial classified ads side, you need to go there and take a look. You can go to, or at the top of the forum page, beside the AudiogoN Discussion Forum Banner, there is a down arrow. Click on, or hover over, the down arrow and you will see a link to the AudiogoN classified page. It is the topmost link. Take a look at the classified ads to see if that would meet your needs. If you're more interested in banner ads, click on the LEARN button and on the right side there will be a link to "advertise with us".

If you're confused about how to best use AudiogoN to promote your products, you can reach out to AudiogoN staff via the "Need Help?" button on the lower left corner of the page.

I'm no pro. Just a regular user of AudiogoN classified ads and this user forum.

Good Luck!
I would imagine that with a full disclaimer in your posts, you could discuss the merits of your products. There are many here that do just that.

@toddalin  --     If you need help with placing an ad or have any questions, please contact [email protected],  Attention: Tammy
For a textbook example of how to use this site to raise awareness of a niche service see the following thread which remains even keeled without hype or shilling

As as you can see it helps to have a satisfied customer initiate the process
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Ok @toddalin. That’s exactly how not to do it. By simply placing an advert including links for direct sale you’re more than likely to have it removed. Who would AudioGon let folks advertise like this when they’re in the business of running a paid for marketplace?
Ha ha ha ha, Ok FolkFreak. THAT was the post that "I" needed to see in order to learn how to, and how not too", post certain things I
  have or make and would offer at times but wasn't sure how to.
 What happened to the messaging that used to be available here. 
OK, now I'm really confused.

These are the posted rules:
  • You will not submit content that is copyrighted or subject to third party proprietary rights, including privacy, publicity, trade secret, etc., unless you are the owner of such rights or have the appropriate permission from their rightful owner to specifically submit such content.
  • You will not post information that is malicious, false or inaccurate.
  • You will not post content that is sexually expicit.
  • You will not post content that is abusive or defames another member of The Service.
My post violates none of them.

I mearly included links that show what my product does.  I posted no prices or even any means to obtain them.  All of the links are demos of what it does, or pics of what's included.

These is no sales pitch (though I see nothing in the rules prohibiting that).

So, according to the posted rules, what have I done wrong?
Whoa boy! Relax, You seem to be good natured.
 Maybe they will only have you make that trip out to the barn once.
    Regardless, I am interested in some parts. Just not "those" parts.
  Just how well does a, "sonic lens", work? Diffraction? Wave interaction/corruption?
  I'm guessing that they can be tuned? Is it similar to "Wave guide"?