Can neighbors remote impact your system functions?

I've been wondering if i am the only one with this problem - or even if it's the cause of the problem at all. Almost daily I find my amp in mute mode, or on a different input than I left it. In addition, my volume jumps a few notches sometimes for no apparent reason while listening . My only explanation is that my neighbors remote input is somehow finding my amp and interpreting it as a command. Neighbor is upstairs in a frame/stucco building, not able to involve them in a test for personal reasons. Anyone have a similar issue ever?
Maybe only if a very thin wall is between you. But remotes typically are IR so nah. 
What is fun is to get on your neighbours  WiFi and change their Sonus to marching band music. That’s pure joy. 
The house next to me used to mess with my ceiling fan all-the-time. My fan used RF (had a little antenna hanging out of the hub).
My in-wall a/c remote would interact with my system- it took me a bit to realize it. Changing temp or fan speed would pause the cd player and/ or turn it off. So there certainly can be unintended interactions. Without involving the neighbor it might be a difficult thing to troubleshoot.