Can my subwoofer sit right next to me?

I have a RBH 1010SE subwoofer with 12dB crossover set at 80Htz. Would I be able to place the sub in the rear corner (facing towards main speakers) right next to a recliner chair and not be overwhelmed by its output assuming the level is set properly. The main speakers are rated at a low frequency of 27Htz. + or - 3dB. The subwoofer has 2 10" drivers and has a port facing in the same direction as the drivers
It might work so-so. But if you're using a second order crossover at 80 Hz, you are bound to get some directional cues from the sub, which will act to confuse the stereo imaging. But why not try it and see, you never know...

If you can cross the sub lower, say perhaps 50 Hz, that should work better. Using a Paradigm X-30 crossover would let you accomplish that on the cheap.
Just how much of a "gearhead" are you ? Audio stuff and BIG motors ??? : )

Get the sub up between the mains ( if at all possible ) and cross it over at or below 50 Hz for best results. If you can't swing this type of set-up, it is strictly a matter of trial and error with a lot of fine-tuning to come. Sean

PS... I used to have a 482" Big block Olds. 455" was just too small : )
Plato and Sean pretty much said it all, I would only add that the sub should not fire at the front speakers, face it to fire across the room. The sub should not really be placed in the rear of the room for music at all but could work out well for movies if you run your front speakers full range.
My Olds 455 was a Hurst W-30, top that torque(400lbs)!

To be serious, get the sub out of the corner. That's usually the last place to put a sub unless you want it "boomy". I was always taught to put the sub anywhere, get down on your hands and knees and crawl around the room. Find the place where the bass sounds best and put the sub there.