Can my room support the Dynaudio C4s?

My listening room is 15' wide by 18' long by 9' high with a 7' by 10' L side section. Is the room big enough to support the C4s or am I over equipping the room? I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks!
Make a dealer work for you. Get one to give you an in home demo.
IMHO, for your room size I think the C4s are too much. The C1s, Sonus faber Auditor Ms or Joseph Audio Pulsars would be perfect for that room size. Use a REL sub base system (G2) for the lower octaves.
Can my room support the Dynaudio C4s?...NO,too much speaker
I think you are pushing it. At the very least, I'd recommend extensive room conditioning treatments. I had mine in a 15' x 21' x 7 room and found them very fatiquing until I added eight GIK 244 panels to my room. I've since moved on to speakers better suited to my room size. Also, I found the C4's to sound their best at high volume levels, which is another reason I sold them.
Great question. My first gut feeling is no but were you considering original C4's or the new MKII? I ask because the MKII sounds so much better at lower volumes when compared to the originals which might work. Like Pdreher mentioned the originals sound the best at higher listening levels. That being said I am assuming you would be placing the speakers on the short 15' wall.

I base this info on the fact I had origianl C1's and have since upgraded to the C1 Signature in Mocha. I also have a Rel B3 sub. Ideally if possible an in home demo would be way to go.
Xti16 thanks for responding. MKII is what I was considering thinking about 2.5 feet from each side wall for a 10' wide speaker spacing. I'd sit back at about 12 or so feet which would position the speakers off the front wall at about 4' .
By the way I own a REL B2 now and use it with my Sonus Faber Luitos.
That's a huge jump coming from the SF Luitos. My room is approx 26 X 12 with the speakers on the long wall and for me the C2's were too much. What I mean it was a huge wall of sound. In the sweet spot I heard no more bass but everywhere else I did. After 6 days of listening I put my original C1's back and much preferred the sound in the sweet spot. Maybe I could get used to the sound but decided to keep the C1's. Again I demoed the originals not the MKII's and all original confidence series sounded better as you turned them way up. I highly recommend an in home demo if possible because the C4's are a huge chunk of change.
Given your overwhelming response, the C4s are no longer a consideration for me. Thanks.