Can my classe ca-5200 power Revel Salon 2's?

I own a ca-5200 amp and SSP-800 pre-amp. I'm considering a pair of Revel Salon 2's. I've read some reports that the 200 watt amp may not be enough for them and also that Classe may not be the right amp for the Salon's. In fact, the more I read, the more conflicting opinions I find. Who's got the truth?
200 watts is really enough for any speaker with very few exceptions. Room size make a big difference in the amount of power needed.
The truth is in you ears! Unfortunately the only way to know if that combination will work is through listening.
Thank you both for the posts. My question is really around understanding if a particular amp makes that big of a difference with a particular line of speaker. Some people say (as an example) that a Levinson Amp will sound good with Revel, but not with B & W. Others say that a classe amp is great with Canton speakers. My question is: is it true that certain amps are better with certain speakers and if so, what does classe best match up with?
Although I've owned a couple older Classe amps(CAP151, DR25& CA-200), I can't tell you every speaker they mate well with. I found their sound relatively laid back and not as open as my current amp. Do amps make a difference? My experience tells me everything makes a difference. Remember you are listening to a system, not one component. The only way to know is to listen to equipment at, slightly below, and slightly above your price range.