Can my amp drive the Paradigm Studio 100s

I have a Denon AVR-1910 receiver with rated at 90w per channel. I'm considering purchasing a pair of Paradigm Studio 100 v2; will my Denon cut it? I'll be using them with a sub for movies, but I'd still like to listen to a pure 2 channel setup some of the time. I'll be bi-wiring the Studio 100s. Any thoughts?
I have those speakers and use marantz monoblocks at 125 wpc which is more than powerful enough, I'd actually be surprised if your receiver wasn't powerful enough for them
I have the same receiver (AVR-1910) running a pair of Paradigm Reference Studio 80's with NO problem. The 100's shouldn't be a problem either.

I do only use mine for home theater duties, but that taxes the amp in the receiver way more than just a 2 channel setup.

More power, (and a seperate amp) is always better, but IMHO, you should be fine.
You need a lot less power than most would tell you. I have heard 22w tube amp running Dali MS5 towers and sounded great. 90 watts is a lot of power.
With some A/V receivers, they're OK running two channels. If you start playing action movies that runs several channels at the same time, then their power drops a lot lower. Here is an example of an another Denon rated at 140 watts.
I had the 80s, but drove them with an H/K 100 watt/ch. 5-channel amp. The H/K has a ton of current, which the 80s just loved. Your Denon should be able to power them to satisfying levels, but the bass would be better with a high-current separate amp.

As for bi-wiring - I tried this with the 80s but did not really notice any improvement in the sound. I'd recommend saving your money for better source matl. or an outboard amp...

I have two Denon AVRs (rated at 140w and 110w) and find neither very stasfying for two channel music--as suggested above they may have enough power, but just don't sound good, esp. at the low end. Adding an external amp (in my case 120w Parasound HCA, 60w HK Citiation and various Adcom) improved matters very significantly--more detailed and much better bass definition.
I agree with Rlwainwright that Biwiring the 100s did not make a difference.When I went from 125wpc to 250 wpc that made a nice improvment.Never did care for the tweeter on the 100s and ended up selling them.They were incredible for HT ,esp when paired up with a powerful sub.I think I had the hindsight I wish I would have bought the Monitor Audios I auditioned instead .
Thanks for the input guys. Decisions, decisions.
Another thing that hasn't been addressed here yet, that is of great importance is the size of your room and the level at which you listen. Another consideration is that all amps are not created equal when it comes to power ratings, often a 100 watt amp will out power a lesser ( less expensive ) 200 watt amp.