Can Music Reference MR9 drive Tannoy DMT 215 II

The Tannoy monitor DMT 215 needs 150 wpc to 500 wpc to drive it. I only have a Music Reference RM9 which is only 100 wpc. Will it ok to drive this monitor without causing amplifier clipping? Please advice! Thanks
The DMT215 specs out at 101db @ 1w 1meter. That's pretty efficient so I'd say it depends how loud you like to listen and in what size room. If you like to listen at high volume in a large room I'd advise against it- the temptation to turn it up louder will be too great. In a smaller room at moderate levels you should be fine. I'd keep an eye open for a more powerful amp either way- you may not be happy with the bass articulation using the amp you have- by the time you can hear clipping it may be too late.
No problem. I drive mine with Art Audio Jota HC monoblocks with 22-24 watts per channel depending on choice of output tubes. Bass response is superb. With 100 tube-watts per channel, these speakers will blow out your eardrums before they ever clip. You're lucky to own the 215 DMT!
The sensitivity spec says 104 Db/2.83V @1meter. That is a loud speaaker! Seriously you could probably drive these with any amp you wanted to use. 100 WPC is more than enough headroom, I would think, to avoid clipping. I agree with the others.
Thanks alls for advices. I did try the RM 9 for few hours last night. It sounded really good. Amazing! I only listen mostly Jazz, Classical and some easy listentings so would never go to loud. I also monitor to make sure the power transformer stays cool and it does. I have read Jburidan post ran it with Art Audio Jota HC. (It is a beautiful amp!). @ Jburidan, thanks and I just want to make sure not to clip that why I am seeking for advice.
I was going to use it with Rotel RB 1090 but I just got hooked with tube. Taking advices seriously, I will stay low at volume to avoid damage the Tannoy.
You're welcome, Kinhoang. I bought a pair of speaker stands from Sound Anchors. The proprietor has a set of 215 DMT drawings, and he makes sturdy custom stands for the 215s. Mine are mounted vertically with bass drivers on the bottom and port holes on the outboard side. Speakers are toed-in slightly so that the lines of sound converge just behind my listening chair which is about eight feet away from the speakers. This set-up was recommended by Peter Lanzilotta, who is a recording studio guru. It's amazing to think that many of the greatest recordings were final mastered on these very speakers that I use in my listening room!!!

Also, I have used 300B SETs with 8-12 watts on these speakers with no problem. But the Jotas do a better job controlling the bass.

Enjoy :)

Roger Modjeski measured my old RM-9 on his bench and we could easily see it was putting out close to 125 watts per side. That should be more than enough for what appears to be very efficient speakers.
If the speaker specifications are correct(sensitivity) then these speakers can be driven with any 'good' quality low power amp(5-20 watts).High quality transformers and power supply mean more than mere power-watt ratings.I don`t believe you`ll ever risk clipping with your current amplifier even at very high sound levels.Your ears would give out before the amp does.
I am just having them on the floor vertical and bases to bottom. Preamp I' used Supratek. Sound so good that I have to put all other speakers away for now. Only one problem is that there is a soft hum on both sides. Not to sure why but never had that hum on other speakers. Is there anything wrong with the Tannoy or the MR 9? Yours must be so quite Jburidan? How many inches from floor to the monitor? I am trying to build my own.
Found another issue is that the bass kind off too boomy, which putting mid range and vocal back. All I can think of it could cause by monitors sit flat on floor. So will try to sit them on the footer that off floor about 8 inches may help.
@ Clio9 and Charles1dad, thanks!
Very high sensitivity speakers (like yours) will easily reproduce ANY noise present in your system. Tube amps and preamps generally have some hiss present and occasionally some hum too. You might try lifting the ground with a cheater plug on the amp just as an experiment but it sounds like the hum is low in level and normal given your mix of equipment. If it's not too intrusive I wouldn't worry about it. The other speakers you were using were not likely as efficient as your current set which is why you didn't hear the hum.
This is a question that I am surprised is even being asked, the answer being so obvious and such....

I would be surprised if the RM-9 were the source of the noise but as previously mentioned the sensitivity of your speakers will let more noise through. An easy test is to get a set of shorting plugs and put them on the inputs of the amp. Then turn it on and listen for any noise at the speaker. If no noise or the noise you currently hear is reduced then the problem is elsewhere. Another thing, if you are using unshielded cables on the amp due to where the inputs st so close to the transformers they may be picking up some noise. Roger recommends shielded cables and a bit extra length that allows you to move the cables away from the transformers.
The op posted this because 150 - 500 watts is Tannoys recommendation. Those speakers are amazing. They will take anything and everything you can throw at them.
Hi Kinhoang: The tweeter should be at ear level when you are in your listening chair. My custom Sound Anchor stands are adjustable. Some of the bass boominess is sure to disappear after you lift the speakers off the floor. But you may still have to deal with acoustical null and peak room modes by, e.g., using wall treatments. I put treatments on the walls and ceiling. Also, play around with the low-frequency window settings in the crossover.

My electronics are quiet, but I have had noisy preamps in the past; and intermittent buzzing from a tube that was going bad. Make sure your tubes are quiet. And use hub- or star-grounding (both terms have the same meaning) with everything plugged into a central hub, and only one grounded plug going from hub into wall outlet.

Good luck
Lift the monitors off the floor 8'', the boomy bass disappear but like Jburidan said: still have to do something for the ceiling and walls. The low-frequency window was trying but not much different. Put in new set of tubes and still get the same soft hum so it could be because of the sensitive of the monitors like Clio09 and Djohnson54 mentioned. However, it is too soft the hum I can bear with it. The next step will try the ground like Jburidan adviced. Thank you alls for your helps. :)
Hi Jburidan, it may be a silly question but I need to ask! What is the nominal impedance should I use with? 4 or 8 ohm?
Speaker tap preference is determined by listening to both. Your ears will solve that question.
Agree with Charles1dad. My Jotas are wired for 8 ohms, and the system sounds great. But try both, if you can, and trust your ears.
Roger Modjeski sez that even if yr spkrs are wired for 8 ohms you should try the 4 ohm tap on the RM9, that it yields sonic benefits. I did and it does!
I will try it on 4 ohms today. Thank you alls for great advices.
Roger's amps are designed take advantage of light loading. Using the 4 ohm tap on an 8 ohm speaker will decrease power output (20%) or so, but lower distortion and provide additional benefits. I believe in addition to a 4 ohm tap the RM-9 has a 2 ohm tap. So try them all.
I am still at work. It is only 3PM here in Hawaii. Will do it tonight. @Clio09 - The RM 9 has 4 6 and 8 omhs so I will try all of the taps later. Thanks.
I use my RM9 with excellent results on all my speakers.

Everything from B&W 801's to Quad 57's(very carefully)

The Acoustats and ET speakers are the hardest loads but no problem at all.

All on 4 ohm tap.

Okay to achieve 2 ohms on the RM-9 all you have to do is hook up the positive lead on the 8 ohm tap and the negative lead on the 4 ohm tap. Do this for each channel. Then connect the corresponding ends to your speaker binding posts. I have done this with my RM-10 so it should work on your amp too. If you go over to the Music Reference frum on Audio Circle you will find more information on light loading.
That is a good tech you taught me Clio09. Will try that. @ Cr0517. Thanks. I did have the MR9 to drive the Acoustat. It sounded really good and nature but lack of bass. I then have to usu Martin Logan sub to get bass. Now the DMT 215 is too much bass so hope that with light loading would help.
Kinhoang: What are the dimensions of your listening room? There shouldn't be a problem with too much bass, unless the room is small, speakers are too close to room boundaries or crossover caps have been modified from the original design.
Jburidan, my room size is 25 x40. I did try them all from 2 ohms, 4ohms, 6 ohms and 8 ohms. That is very hard for me to tell the different. But I like the most is set at tap 4 ohms. It seems like less bass and more forward the mid. I hope my ears are correct. This is really fun because there will be many way to try and experiences with this monitor.
The next I would like to try is to drive this with the mono block Cary 2a3 SE. Hope this can drive this monitor good with less bass. Like everyone said this is very high sensitive and I don't play loud so it should be okay. Actually, when trying I should have take time to listen to it from each set up for a few days instead of only listen for a few songs then try different set up. All I can tell is they are almost the same sound and all are good anyway.
It`d be very interesting to know how your speakers sound driven by the 2A3 amplifier. This is such a different type of amplifier compared to the Music Reference MR9.
Kinhoang, your room size is large enough for the Tannoys to breathe. If you don't already own the Cary 2A3, you might think about the Wavelength Audio 2A3 monoblocks that are (or recently were) for sale here. I don't know the seller, and I haven't heard the Wavelength 2A3. But my experience with 300B SETs leads to guess that the Wavelength 2A3 sounds less colored than the Cary, i.e., more linear (flat) frequency response.

To repeat: I'm not recommending the seller -- be careful as usual -- but I'm recommending the designer, Gordon Rankin.
@ Charles1dad, I will let you know how the Cary 2a3 sound. Currently I am still listening and trying different set up with the RM9 for all the ohms tabs. Cary 2a3 only put out 5 wpc so I hope it will be good and okay. It sound really good with the Klipsch Horn annd the Quad 57 though.
@Jburidan, the room size is ok for this and only play low volume so it is just right. I already had the Cary so will not looking to buy another one yet. After try the RM9 I will have more confidence to drive this with Cary 2A3. I just bought the Audio Research D70 in pristine condition here locally. I may want to try with that AR D70 too soon. I always like Audio Research but only can afford up to this 70 yet.
Thanks all!
Charles1dad, I haven't try the Cary SE yet because still wait for the tube NOS Cunningham 2a3 to be arrived. But meanwhile I am trying it with the Audio Research D70. The result is really good. I have to say that it is even better than my RM9. More soundstage, harmonic and base response is better. The hum is only scale at 3 from 1 to 10 compare with RM9. I think Jburidan was so right about checking my noisy tubes. I need a new NOS set of tube for it.
Will get back on the test with Cary when I have the tubes in the mail.
Thanks !