Can MintTractor be used on a TW Acustic Raven One?

Just received my Mint Tractor but can't use it because my Triplanar arm reset will not allow the arm to be lowered outside of the platter area.

In other words, the arm rests immediately beside the platter (makes it tricky to get LPs on and off the platter) and as you know the tractor wants you to place the need on the outermost part of the curve.

I don't think there's a way to adjust the Triplaner to swing further out from the platter, but I could be wrong.

Any advice appreciated - thanks in advance.

It is not a problem. Just put the needle as far out as possible.
Congrats on you Mint purchase. Let us know what you think!
Srwooten is correct. Although it would be ideal to place the needle on the outermost part of the curve, placing it at the outside of the platter should yield you great results.
Thanks for the responses, I guess that's what I will do.

Here's another question: this is my 2nd Mint tractor (I recently switched tables) and this one has two points along the curve marked - the very outer and the inner (I'm not referring to the two null points). The inner is not as close to spindle as I usually go - it's more or less around the end of active playing area (i.e. beginning of the label). I guess this makes sense, but i wonder if it's still better to go as close to the spindle as possible.

Any opinions on this?
I'd ask Yip about it. Let us know.
I am onto my 2nd Mint tractor having used it with a Rega RB 1000 and now with a Triplanar on a Michel Orbe TT. The advice/comments above are spot on : take the tonearm as far as it will physically go in both extremes ie towards the spindle and the outermost part of the platter.You are correct that given the mounting position of the Triplanar and the arm rest there is no way that you can get the stylus to rest on the edge of the Mint arc beyond the platter. I don't think thats too important, if you have the overhang correct on 2 extreme points on the arc you should be mid way to vinyl heaven; sort out the null points and you are truly there.