Can Mcintosh MA2275 be a power amp only?

Dear exprienced Mcintosh fan,

Currently I own C200 preamp and MA2275 integrated amp. I tried to connect C200 (main output)to MA2275 (Power amp in) to become a pre-power set up.

However, it seems not working at all. Dose anyone has exprience in using MA2275 as a power amp only? Please advise.

Thanks a lot
That's a good question -- I never tried it when I owned a MA2275. The manual, page 10 shows jumpers (Jumper plugs connect the Preamplifier 1 outputs to the Power Amp In Jacks and are needed for normal integrated operation).

Now, those jumpers mentioned above -- connecting the pre side to the power amp side of the unit -- on page 10, states "POWER AMP IN inputs accept signals from a separate external preamplifier."

So, it appears you can remove those jumpers (Power Amp In to Preamp 1) and then connect 2 cables from the Power Amp In to the C200 outputs.

If you tried it & it doesn't work -- I'd call McIntosh tech support --
Thanks Ontjesr,

I just did and the result is great! MA2275 really has a great amp output! really enjory C200+MA2275 provide more clear and open sound than only using MA2275.

Thanks a lot for your feedback