Can McIntosh 135 be used with non-McIntosh amp?

I was given a McIntosh 135 processor/preamp and before I spend $5500 on a matching amp, I'm wondering if I can use it with a non-McIntosh amp? I only listen to vinyl and occasionally internet radio. You will laugh - the amp is a Pro-Ject Amp Box (micro in size) that is part of my shelf system. It looks amusing next to the Mac. Any suggestions would be very helpful!
Yes the MX135 can be used with amp as long as you don't want to use the McIntosh 6 channel single cable ambilical.
You can use the six channel analog outs just not the single computer looking connector. As far as amps, McIntosh would be a nice match but Ayre, Audio Research, Bryston, to name a few that would work nicely. I owned a MX135 and It is very nice piece and for someone to give you one is a very very nice gift. Enjoy!!
Thanks Theo - just what I needed to know. The 25 conductor cable labeled "Multi Channel Amp" had me intimidated. As long as I can use the analog outs without any issues, I should be ok. Thanks again!
Yes you'll be ok with the standard analog outs. Pick you favorite style of amp ( not usually a mini box but that's up to you) and you'll be off to the races.