can magnepan mg II a's have

my beloved maggies came back for the summer (along with my knuckle head son) and although the fuse on the right speaker was not blown, there is no high end coming from the channel. i am not sure how to check any further, any thoughts? thanks,tim.
Pull out the jumpers on the back of the crossovers and clean them off.
Make certain they are in the correct slots.
(I have Maggie IIb's so I am hoping yours are the same in the back on the crossover/banana plug panel)
Replace the fuse anyway, even if it doesn't look blown. If you still have no tweeter cleaning the straps as Elizabeth suggested can't hurt, though beyond that you will have to open up the speaker, or send it back to Magnepan for refurbishing. Sometimes the wire traces corrode over time.
Magnepan does not do a refurbishing on the II's anymore. However, you can purchase a kit from them. Perform a search here and at audio asylum to see what you will need to do if indeed they are damaged.

I hope you or your son are handy and good with your hands. You'll see what I mean once you do the search.

Ahh, I have heard Magnepan will not work on the II series anymore. (This is just a word of mouth...)
yikes! it might be back to mono for my boy.