Can Luxman 509u drive JBL Ti5000

Im newbie
I have just bought Luxman 509u to drive the vintage JBL Ti5000 6OHM/90Db ( . However the volume needs to put at nearly 10 oclock to feel relatively loud enoug.

Does it mean that Luxman 509u is a bit weak in term of driving strength for JBL Ti5000?

Many thks
Keep in mind that the position of the volume knob does not indicate the true power being delivered to the speakers. Those speakers are fairly efficient and your Luxman will have no problem driving them properly.

Don't sweat this, sit back and enjoy those great speakers!

I have 509u driving Vandersteen 5A, also need to turn know to 10 o'clock to get lots of volume, but meters indicate nowhere near peak output. It will definitely drive your new speakers.
The specs speak for themselves 96dB with 1 watt at 1 meter is highly efficient. The min impedance is 5 Ohm with 6 nominal . My thinking is like the others a volume knob turned to 10 o'clock is hardly taxing your amp. It should be fine. If you don't like the sound quality a month or two down the line, then you have an issue.
Your volume control setting is a reflection of the total amount of gain in your system. This volume setting has little to do with the actual amount of power being utilized. Your amplifier could have high sensitivity, in other words likely less then one vote for full output. You would likely be better off with less gain in your system, this would provide more range and flexibility of your volume control.