Can Krell KSA250 be connected with both RCA & XLR?

I have a Krell KSA250 connected with XLR interconnects(to Audio Research ReferenceII MkII),used in my stereo system.
Now I'm setting up my mutichannel system.Can the Krell KSA250's RCA be connected to Krell HTS7.1 mutichannel processor's pre-out(RF and LF) for the speakers of stereo system to be used as front speakers of multichannel system?( I'm afraid this will bring damage to KSA250 or not,since in KSA250 user manual it's warned "ONLY ONE OF THESE INPUTS(XLR & RCA) SHOULD BE CONNECTED TO A PREAMPLIFIER".Anyone with experience about this?Thanks in advance!
I think the owners manual pretty much says it. In addition, if you use the RCA's, you need to put shorting pins in the XLR's. That's what I seem to remember when I owned the KSA250. FWIW, I think the KSA250 is one of the greatest amps ever made. Good luck.
Don't do it...use one or the other. Also, when you use the single ended inputs (RCA)...the shorting pins should be inserted into the balanced (XLR) inputs to avoid Hummmmm.

Pass the RF and LF prepros output through the Audio Research...this is how I did it in the fine.

The best way is to use the Audio Research's Home Theater pass thru.
Does anyone know how to get hold of replacement shorting pins? I bought my KAV 150a secondhand and the shorting pins are missing, but Krell and their distributors don't seem to like dealing with me. Cheers, Richard
Make your own. Just buy some solid guage wire and bend it to a U shape and remove the insulation. I think something like a 10 AWG may work.