Can Jolida 502 drive Magnepan 1.6

I have a pair of Magnepan 1.6 and need a new Amp / pre amp. I feel the Jolida 502 satisfies my wants / desires (reasonable $ with tubes) but worry the power will be insufficient for the hungry Magnepans. Anyone out there doing this combo? Any suggestions for other components, such as Vincent Amp and ??pre-amp.
Thanks, Dan
I owned 3 pairs of 1.6's over the years..Never with the Jolida 502, but at one time ( first amp) did pair them with Quicksilver M60 monoblocks at 60W/ch. and used KT-88 tubes. As long as I didnt push the Maggies, they sounded great low to moderate levels, Every once in a while I could push the amps and the panels would rattle as the amp couldnt control them. The Jolida would likely not fair as well as the Quickie mono' really need powerful tube amps or SS for them.

I hear that the Nuforce Ref 9 or Bel Canto ICE amps are excellent with the Maggies and you may want to inquire of owners who have that combo.
I would get a minimum of 100wpc for the Maggies. 200 is even better.
Lesser amps will sound great but only at very modest levels.
For absolute control of the 1.6 planars a used Spectron Musician III for ~ $2000 used will control them like a big SS amp but with the mid range and highs of tubes. I am driving a pair of MG 20s with an M III Sig with beautiful results. The Bel Canto or NuForce would also work, but if you can snag a pair of M III's you will be amazed.