Can it hurt a 5.1amp only using left & right chnls


Can anyone tell me if I am hurting a 5.1 channel amp by only using the front left and right channels for output.
Its a Harman Kardon avr 525 it always has run a little warm.
I am using it for stereo sound only.
No problem.
Agree no problem. As long as you do not touch the other inputs or outputs when it is turned on.
Not likely to damage it, but to be really safe avoid physical contact with the back of the amp when turned on
Nope, just turn off the unused channel in it's menus, if possible. Will be something like 'no' in the places where it lists the crossover slopes Won't damage anything either way.
No. Call mfg and find out if you can bridge the channels for more power. May not be possible on your mid fi reciever
Yes, but of course those unused channels have "hurt" feelings cause they've been neglected. Where's the love for those wasted rears?

All kiddin' aside, the HK I owned for a bit ran warm too. Perhaps it's the nature of the amps inside, but as long as you're providing it ample ventilation I'd not worry about it.

Agreed. No problem. Had several AVRs over the years and listened to them mostly on two channels. Never a problem.