Can it get any better

Than an old original mint Kieth Jarret "My Song" whilst sipping the third glass of a gifted Laphroaig 1976 single malt on a quiet night, with the realization that I have nothing to do in the morn of more importance than to tuck the vinyl lovlies back into their respective slots of repose.
Can't top that this weekend as I'm getting ready to move my daughter off to her freshman year at Purdue University. I'll give it a shot next weekend when the wife and I have the house to ourselves.
All the kids are gone!
Davt, I'm not a drinker but was fascinated by the name 'Laphroaig' so I looked it up on the 'net. Very Interesting site at So are you a FoL?
This sounds familiar and tempting.In early Sept will help my younger daughter join freshman year at UChicago. Then I will be all alone(the wife is happy to let me indulge in this audio madness in our basement)to savour new vinyl, hopefully a new cartridge, possibly a new tonearm and some great single malt. While I don't aspire to the heights of a 30yr Laphroaig, IMHO the 10yr is outstanding, a 16yr Lagavulin is bliss!!
It need not get much better than this!!