Can I use the Walker Audio precision motor controller with the Avid Volvere turntable?

Like the title said, I appreciate your help please.
What type of motor?  And what is the nominal power requirement, in terms of Watts?  
Walker will tell you.  They are very responsive to questions.  
@lewm I wilk find out.
@chayro I just sent the message few minutes ago. 
Thanks all of you
@lewm Motor : Modified 24v 55mNm ac synchronous

will they work together?
Watts?  The Walker easily drives motors that consume ~5W and probably a little more is OK, but you need to find out the power consumption and then possibly call Walker Audio to be sure their Motor Controller can handle it.
By the way, good that it is an AC synchronous motor in the first place.
If you want a Walker turntable and it's the or one of the best ever made--I used to be a Walker dealer until 2002--just buy one. It will be delivered. set up, tuned and away you'll go. Of course, your wallet will be a bit lighter, but you'll have the very best!

Walker products are heads and tails superior to other products on the market like the VPI.  If price is an issue, go with the VPI.  If not, go with the Walker.  But get the Valid Point cones and lead vibration pucks for the top.  They work.  By the way, it's nice to see that Lloyd has decided to offer some products he can sell more than 10 of a year!  Of course besides his other accessories.

See if Walker has a demo controller but if not go to one of his dealers.  Don't buy used.  No warranty.  Not sure where you live but maybe you can get a demo of the addition of one to a turntable adds or subtracts from the quality of reproduction.

Either way.  I hope you enjoy your new baby!
dob, The OP has an Avid turntable and wants to know whether the Walker Precision Motor Controller can run it.  I don't think he is in the market for a Walker turntable, or etc.  Why do you warn against buying used?  I owned a Walker Precision Motor Controller that I bought off Audiogon and used for more than 10 years and never had the slightest problem with it.  Lloyd was always helpful if I ever had questions, regardless of the fact that I was the second owner.  (In fact, he and I became friends over time. I first contacted him about an upgrade that he had introduced, and he was very cooperative about getting my unit upgraded, again despite the fact that I was not the first owner. He's a great guy.) On two different belt-drive turntables that I owned, it made a world of positive difference, and I would not have lived without it, once I heard its effect.
And I now own Lewm old Walker controller and once I had dialed in the speeds on my Nottingham table it has been rock solid and just added to the depth and breadth of the SQ.

Highly recommended!
Can't speak to the Avid, but I have used the Walker controller for many years now with my Basis Ovation, no problems.  Bought it used, and have had it upgraded by Lloyd.  Lloyd is very helpful and easy to deal with, I'm sure he could answer your question.
Bought my Walker speed controller "preowned" to pair with the Walker TT and, so far, it's bullet proof. I've had my table since 1996 and have never had a single issue with it other than those of my own stupidity/doing. Like others have mentioned, Lloyd is always available to assist (I've talked to him three times this week and will talk to him again tomorrow).
As to the compatibility of the Walker with the Avid Volvere, it suddenly occurred to me that the Volvere may come equipped with its own outboard speed control box, if my own memory of the Volvere is correct.  I don't know what's inside, but that outboard box may render the Walker redundant; you would fine tune the speed using the Volvere box.  In that case, it would not be wise to mess with the AC input to the Volvere proper.
Yep.  If the OP has this:

Then there's no need for the Walker.  In fact, you would not want to place any device between the Volvere outboard box and the wall socket.
Hi Lewn,
The provided link is for the new model Volvere SP, mine is the older model. I am contacting the seller to verify it.
SP or no SP, if your Volvere has an outboard box between the wall socket and the motor, and if the box provides for any sort of speed adjustment, there is no use for the Walker.  The box is controlling motor speed.
You are right, the Walker does not work with the Avid Volvere.
Thank you everybody.