Can I use the same interconnects for both my Amp and VCR?

This is probably a stupid question, but can I use the same interconnects that I use between my processor and my amp for connecting the audio inputs and outputs on my VCR, TiVo, CD Player, etc. I know that the digital interconnect is 110 ohms and requires a different rca cable, but is the 70 ohm amp interconnect the same for the rest of the system. Also, what about the video in and out on my VCR, TV, etc.? Thanks.
The video and digital cables are different from audio (although I believe those two are interchangeable). Any audio outputs and inputs should be the same, so the same cables should work on all.
Standard video cables (RCAs) are 75 Ohm. You can use the same audio cables if you like. Try different ones and see which gives you the best picture. Cables sold as "Video" cables are not always better. Some are actually the same, and its is just marketing (and they cost more).

Basically trust your ears and eyes and use the cables that perform best for you. Ignore the labeling in most cases.