Can I use the 12 guage Duelund tinned wire for a 25 foot run of spekaer cable

Moving things around and need  25 feet of speaker wire to run with my new Mcintosh system- can I use the  Duelund12 guage for that kind of run- thks
Ok thks- so before I order these long runs- is Duelund the best DIY to get- I have heard good things about VH Audio- If it matters I will be using it to run a MCintosh 601 mono's( 600 watts) and the Dunlavy V's speakers- just want to make the right choice before I spend the $$- thks
Those speakers are not the most efficient and your big SS amp with over 25 feet of cable length points to a double run of the Duelund 12 gauge.  As you know, I make and sell by Acoustic BBQ line of cables using Duelund wire. A double run will be MUCH better sounding for your rig. That’s what I use for my 20 foot runs.   Better bass foundation, greater sense of ease, improved dynamics, better fleshed out mids and bigger stage. 

You can buy the 12 gauge in Polycast on sale right now at Parts Connextion making this double run very affordable. The Polycast version also sounds wonderful.  Very full bodied with great bass and mids. The highs are sweet and never too forward or ragged. 
thks- why such a price dif. between the polycast and the cotton/oil hook-up wire?
Yes you can use it for speaker cable and it sounds very good per my comments above. They do sound a little different.  Cotton is a tad more airy and Polycast is warmer.