Can I use my McIntosh MX 113 as a Tuner only

And send the Tuner signal to another pre-amp?
Yes. Use the tape outputs of the 113.
Thanks onemug. Now I gotta review all the conversations about Mac preamps. I'm mostly a 2 channel guy but am thinking of getting something a little more video friendly.
You'll have to spend quite a bit of money to get something video friendly with such a great tuner. I own a MX-115 modded by Richard Modafferi of Audioclassics. I'm located in western Long Island and have no problem picking up stations 75 miles away in NJ, with only a cheap piece of wire as a antenna. With a roof mounted unit, I should be able to pick up Boston stations.

I'm almost tempted to pick up the tuner module for the MX-119 in my HT rig, but with the little FM listening I do, it wouldn't be worth it.
I've been looking at a McIntosh C-39 here and on ebay.
The MX-130 is basically a C39 with a built in tuner. It's remote controlled. You might look for the MX-118 also. Both video friendly.

Do you know if you can use the tape output of a Marantz Model 18 receiver the same way for FM out? I still have the Model 18 I bought while a post-doc in the mid-sixites.

Dbphd, Yes you can. Make sure the input selector of the 18 is set to FM. Whatever the input selector is set to, gets sent to the tape output. The 18's volume control will have no effect. That applies to Mcdeads 113 also.

With the Model 18 having basically a Model 20 tuner in it, I think you will be in for a treat. Some consider the 20 to be one of the best SS tuners.
Thanks for the information, Onemug. I'll take the tape output from my Model 18 to the tuner input of my Proceed PAV, and move the turntable input to the PAV from tuner to AUX, unless you have a better recommendation. Presumably because they did not include a phono stage, Proceed did not provide a phono input. I use the PAV/PDSD for audio only, with a separate HDMI switcher between my PS3-80 and Direct TV HD DVR for video.

In looking at my Marantz Model 18, it occurred to me that in addition to using its tape monitor output to deliver FM to my Proceed PAV, as Onemug suggests, I should be able to use that same tape output for the phono stage of the Model 18. The Model 18's phono stage may or may not be better than the Channel Island Audio phono stage and power supply I bought on Audiogon to use with my vintage turntable toy, a toy that sounds much better than I imagined it would.

Dbphd, Good idea. Just set the 18's input selector to phono when it's time to spin. It will be interesting to see how the Marantz compares to the CI.
Well I pulled the trigger on an MX130 offered here on Audiogon. Thanks for the tip Onemug. It seemed to be priced about the same as most of the C39s I saw.