Can I use my Allnic L3000 preamp with headphone amp?

As the title said.
I used to have a stereo system but now moved to a smaller space which cannot accomodate a big stereo system with speakers. I am thinking of replace the speakers and amplifiers to a headphone and headphone amp. So my question is can I hook up the preamp out to the headphone amp input to listen through my headphone? (My preamp does not have the builtin headphone jack).

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I am afraid the preamp will over drive the headphone amp. Please tell me if I am OK.
Hello all,
Yesterday I tried to plug the Allnic preamp in between the CD player and my Woo WA3. It turned out OK. I was able to listen with the Woo WA3 setting the volume at 9am position and the Allnic L3000 at 10am. I like the sound compared to without the Allnic in between.
I just want to report back and thank you.