Can I use my Allnic L3000 preamp with headphone amp?

As the title said.
I used to have a stereo system but now moved to a smaller space which cannot accomodate a big stereo system with speakers. I am thinking of replace the speakers and amplifiers to a headphone and headphone amp. So my question is can I hook up the preamp out to the headphone amp input to listen through my headphone? (My preamp does not have the builtin headphone jack).
I am afraid the preamp will over drive the headphone amp. Please tell me if I am OK.
I guess you’d need to check the specs on whatever amp you’re looking at or ask the manufacturer (or post here), but I’d suspect most headphone amps can handle most line-level inputs.  Another option would be to run a headphone amp with a volume control from the tape out from your pre if it has one.  Hope this helps, and best of luck. 
Just start with the volume all the way down and adjust up. That's 0v, so it can't hurt anything.
Hello all,
Yesterday I tried to plug the Allnic preamp in between the CD player and my Woo WA3. It turned out OK. I was able to listen with the Woo WA3 setting the volume at 9am position and the Allnic L3000 at 10am. I like the sound compared to without the Allnic in between.
I just want to report back and thank you.
Always appreciate the updates. Thanks. Glad it worked out.

You might also try running the Woo fully open (@ 100% volume) and doing all attenuation with the Allnic. The Allnic almost certainly has a better quality VC mechanism, so you might want it doing the heavy lifting.  Could be a little bump in signal quality that way.