Can I use Headphones AND a Subwoofer?

Has anyone done this before. I have the Senn HD650s which, I don't think are considered closed. They're not like the AKG K100s either though. I'm missing the sensual bass I used to have with my speaker system and was wondering if this would be a fruitful pursuit. Any thoughts besides, "Your Crazy!"?
Several on have done this. You can check over there them and see what they thought of their results.
I've listened to headphones (HD-600s)with speakers on for added bass reinforcement. I think it sounds great at higher levels. Of course I only do it when home alone so know one thinks I'm nuts.
Sure -- sit on the sub with your speakers off and your headphones on. Should scramble your eggs right well.
Prior to duct taping a pair of sunfire mini subs to front and back your head, I would try another headphone amp. You might try to find a dealer that handles Can gear, and also listen to a pair of Grado RS-1's. I have never felt like I was missing any sensual bass with my Grado's.

This reminds me of those subs that you can place in or under your couch for ht applications. Check out the above link.