Can I use Dolby Pro-Logic receiver with DVD player

I have not been up to date on the new technology for about 10 years,now I'm trying to catch up.I have a 10 year old Marantz 3359 Pro-Logic receiver that I used with a Yamaha laser-disc player(basically unused,due to availability of rental discs in my area).I would like to purchase a DVD player, but I would also like to use this older pro-logic receiver if I could.Is this possible? Thanks for your comments.Keith
Yes indeed. You will be getting a better picture for sure. The audio will be about the same as you have been getting. I'm not sure what inputs your receiver has but at least the same outputs on the LD player will be on any DVD player
You probably will have to use the analog outputs on the DVD player. That means five cables between the DVD player and the receiver. If you up-grade the receiver you will only need one digital cable. At that point you will be able to receive a discrete 5.1 audio signal from the DVD player. After completing this up-grade you will notice a big difference when watching movies
In the DVD setup you can also choose the 2 Channel Dolby for a better signal to the Pro-Logic decoder and more balanced sound.