Can I use British type mains cable in Europe?

There is a very nice mains cable that I can buy second hand but the problem is that it is British type plugged cable. We use schuko plugs in Turkey so will it be ok to use this cable with a good quality convertor? I am asking this because I heard that British type plugs have 13A fuses. Schuko plugs don't have these fuses so will it be a problem?

thank you.
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No, on various trips to Europe I've used appliances with adaptors.
You could buy the cable and have it reterminated with a good quality plug which suits your mains outlet.

thank you guys for fast responses.
The answer is yes and yes. It will be a three conducter cable, I assume IEC plug on one end and standard 3 prong UK plug on the other, so the wiring itself works. Secondly, yes, you can use a plug converter, widely available to go from UK to Schuko configuration. I lived in the UK and traveled to Turkey so it was never a problem using a plug converter. However, my take is that this defeats some of the purpose of a nice power cable by adding an additional set of voltage contacts.

As the previous poster notes, it's worth finding a hospital grade Schuko plug to replace the 3 pronged UK plug. Here's a look at one. Just know how to wire it correctly or have an electrician do it, even in Turkish lira, it will be cheap.

All of the new 3 pronged plugs in the UK are fused although not all of the older wiring set ups using a 2 pronged plug had the fuse. The fuses are a nice feature although I'm sure there are arguments that they have a negative effect on the power. I'm sure your equipment is protected with either a fuse or a relay so it is not a problem for your use.