Can I Use balanced and SE on EMC-1 at same time?

I have an EMC-1 CDP and am taking delivery tomorrow on a Supratek Syrah pre-amp tomorrow. I also listen to HD-600 cans a lot to keep the wife and kid happy (too much R&R in my youth=not so great hearing now). My used Syrah does not have tape outs. I can drive my Headphone amp (Moretto) very nicely with the output from the EMC-1. I want to know if there is any problem I can cause by running the S.E. output of the EMC to the hp amp and get a pair of XLR-RCA cables to run the balanced out to the Syrah (which is RCA only)?
For a time I ran both SE and Balanced to my Bryston BP25 from my EMC 1-UP. I never had a problem.