Can I use an Integrated only as a preamp

I currently use 2 Adcom GFA 555II’s in bridged mode to drive my B&W 802 Series 80’s. I’m using an Adcom GFP565 as a preamp. I have been looking to upgrade the preamp with a new Adcom model, but a number of posters here have suggested (surprisingly) that an Adcom preamp is not a good match with their amps, (Thread 1171936986)

I also own a Sonic Frontiers SFP1 which I’m not using as it really isn’t powerful enough to drive the B&W’s effectively and so I would like to utilize it somehow as a preamp while retaining the power of the 555II’s.

Is this possible/ desirable and if so, how does one connect it?

Thanks for your help.

Bob Holmes
Remove the Preamp output jumpers (if it has them, if not you're screwed) and replace with interconnects to the amp.
Sonic Frontiers SFP1 should read SFC1


Bob Holmes
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Thanks Muzikat & Bob, unfortunately my SFC1 does not have preamp out jacks so it doesn't appear that I can use it solely as a preamp. Too bad really, but there you go!


Bob Holmes

If it's got a tape out that might do the job.
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