can i use an integrated amp with my HT receiver?

I am currently using a Pioneer Elite VSX-43TX Receiver which is powering my Paradigm surround set up. This includes monitor 3 fronts, CC370 center, and AMS-150 in-ceiling rear. I also have a Carver CM-1090 integrated amplifier which I am currently not using. This was purchased many years ago, but I can’t bring myself to part with it. It is still one of my favorite components.

My question is:
Is there a way to integrate the carver into my current set-up? If so, will there be any benefit?

I appreciate the feedback..
It is possible if your receiver has pre outs and there are a couple of ways you could do it.

You could connect the reciever preouts to the integrateds main
in, and use the integrated to power the fronts.

You would then have to check your sound levels as the integrated may have a different gain then the reciever. If they are too different then it may not work this way because recievers usually only have +- 10
db of correction.

You could also try connecting the reciever pre outs to a regular input on the integrated and then adjust your sound level
using the integrateds volume control.

Thanks for the input. Yes, the Pioneer does have separate “pre-out’s” for the sub, fronts, surround, and back speakers.
So, if I wanted to have the Carver run the fronts, would the set up be: run the pre-out on the pioneer for the fronts to the main in on the Carver, (and thus connected the front speakers), I would use the volume control on the carver for the fronts only. The volume on the pioneer would only be controlling the center and surrounds.
Sorry for what probably seems like simple questions.
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Mark and Bob,

thanks for the information. This has been a great help.
I will see how it turns out.