can i use a use rca interconnect for phono ?

just pu a turntable and i am starting to look at interconnects.

can i use a use rca interconnect for phono ? or does it have to be different.

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i just acquired "my first" turntable after 18 years of audiophilia ( sota star mkIII, et2, audioquest b200).

that being said...i know nothing about analog and facing a huge and $$$ learning curve.....

in regards to the phono cables.....i see all kinds..phono, balanced, and din. can i assume rca interconnects with a ground can be used ???????

your help would be appreciated.

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Mike: You can use ANY interconnect that you like. Having said that, you want to look for one that is low loss and that the manufacturer is willing to divulge technical spec's on.

When setting up a phono system, you should try to factor in the capacitance of the headshell leads ( if any ), the tonearm wiring, the interconnects and the loading in the phono stage itself. Your cartridge will have a specific set of electrical characteristics and providing proper loading to it will get you better performance. I'm not familiar with the AQ cartridge, but i'm sure that someone here or over at AA's Vinyl Asylum can help you out here with what impedance and capacitance works best. Sean