Can I use a single bi-wire cable on a speaker that has 1 binding post?

I’ve been using AudioQuest single-biwire spade Rocket 33’s to biwire my B&W speakers for a few years now to great results. A friend of mine let me borrow different speakers to try in my system. When I examined them today, I noticed they only have 1 pair of speaker terminals on them.

Can I use my single bi-wire Rocket 33’s (two connectors at amp end, four at speaker end) on a speaker that only has 1 pair of binding post? I can always go grab some basic speaker wire to hook these up but just wanted to ask first before replacing anything.
HI Slag- if they are spade terminated, then yes- you can double up the spades under the speaker's binding posts.  If they are bananas, then you CAN use them as long as you electrical tape up the unused "extra" bananas and be aware that you are using 50% of the conductors.
Yes you can.Hopefully they have spades:-)