Can i use a PC as a preamp?

Hey all, OK yeah stupid question, but im unsure of the answer and hate to assume.

Im building my new system, and have gotten 2 used Technics SE-A5 MKII amps, and ive got speakers to test them on, but i havent settled on a preamp yet. But id really like to test the AMPs. I cant think of a reason why my PC wouldnt serve as a preamp, i mean when you hookup PC speakers, all they need are built in amplifiers, so stands to reason that my PC is acting like a preamp, right ..?? Am i missing something?

Will this work ? At least enough to test out the amps?

Loookin forward to the usual great help,
PS i wont be hooking anything else up to the PC for now, ill just use Winamp and MP3s, i just want to make sure the amps work (they prob wont get a full test run till i decide on a preamp, but i wanna make sure theyre not duds)
Use the Line Out on your sound card and it should work fine. If you're forced to use a spaeaker level output make sure you have the volume all the way down when you fire it up - you'll overdrive the amps quickly. Either way you'll probably need a 1/8" phone plug to RCA converter.

I am using a good audio card (Lynx22) in my PC, outputting through XLR to two mono power amps and feeding a pair of Altec Santana Speakers. Works wonderfull, as long as you have a good soundcard.
The sound section which usually come bundled with the PCs are nothing special, but to test your amp good enough.
All you need is an adapter with a mini plug on one side and two RCA connectors on the other. You have to controll the volume on the PC through something like Winamp or Windows Media Player.
I particularly listen a lot to streamed music from which use Octoshape streaming software.
Good enough for me on my secondary sound system.
Yes you should be able to do that, but you won't get anywhere near the sound they are capable of. Of course, w/MP3s as a source, that may not matter.