can I use a mark levinson pre-amp with my rotel

I have a rotel ra-1062 int. amp and am wondering if its possible to plug a mark levinson pre-amp into it. It has a pre out, but is that for a power amp? Thanks.
You could hook up pre to any RCA input on the Rotel but its likely a pretty silly idea because the Rotel is still gonna add its sound signature to the Levinson pretty much defeating the purpose IMO but you could always try it and see what you think.
There are some Integrated amps that have "pre-out", "main-in" jumpers. This allows you to seperate the preamp and power amp sections. The Rotel RA-1062 only has a preout which is used to connect an additional power amp or powered subwoofer. You could come in with the Mark Levinson preamp through one of the tape monitor INPUTS, but you really aren't gaining anything. You would still be running the signal through the Rotel's preamp circuitry.
If you managed to score a ML pre of ANY vintage (you didn't say;-) then it seems to me (optimist that I am) you should be able to afford a respectable amp to go with it. Respectable, meaning not necessarily even a used Levinson, but still, something more in keeping with the Levinson's quality. Further, depending on your particular speakers, you may want to pair the Levinson pre with a good tube amp. That's what I did.