Can I use a Krohn-nite test amp as an audio amp?

I scavenged thisKrohn-hite model 7500 amp in good condition. The interior sports one massive transformer and two Coke-can sized caps. The single channel runs with 28 transistors attached to awe-inspiring heatsinks. The electrical components are all ceramic and extremely impressive. The frequency range is from DC-1 MHz! At <0.01% THD. Can I use this amp as a power amplifier to drive a speaker?

For specs see the link below.

I am hesitant to couple one of my B&W's for the fear of this monster frying it. This thing has one BNC input and one pair of outputs. (The specs warn me that in the absense of a signal, this thing will emit a DC signal, which I'm sure will kill the speaker. Anyway of getting around that?)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
You can use a cap to block the DC. This would have to go between the positive terminal of the amp's output terminal and the speaker's positive terminal. Varying the size of the cap will vary how low the amp will respond. Obviously, the quality of the cap would affect the sound as ALL the sound heard would have to pass through the cap to get to the speaker. Sean