Can I use a Benz LP-S with vpi classic?

Hi guys,

As per title really. I am not sure whether the 10.5 classic arm has the mass for the cartridge or not? Please help.

I asked Harry this very question. I am using a Benz LP with a 10.5 and am thinking of replacing it with the LPS. Harry said the LPS is a bit better because of the microridge extracts a bit more from the record. They are both great with the 10.5

Thanks v much for your reply.
Because of the 16g of Benz, do you need another larger counterweight?
Yes, per VPI and Musical Surroundings you need a heavier counterweight.

Thanks. My dealer contacted Harry at VPI and he advised as you have. He said the the absolute sounds had reviewed the classic with the lps and said it was an awesome combo.

Looking forward to this...