Can I use 6x4 instead of chinese 6z4 for rectifier

Any help would be great
They are both tube full wave rectifiers but they are not wired the same. You need to change a couple of wires. I was looking at a supply this past weekend that used the 6z4 and the 12at7, 12B4A. I asked if it could be switched to the 6x4 and the said yes. I can send you the data sheets if you need them. One is in Chinese though! I have some NOS 6x4's so I was also interested in doing this. Let me know how it turns out.
Here is some specs of the net.[][][]
On EBay there are now several adapters .I bought a 6x4 to 6 z 4 adapter just plug in and you now can use the much better 6x4 there are now many choices.
Thanks Audioman58 I will likely give that a try
I too have used an adapter allows me to use 6X4 rectifier tubes in place of a 6Z4 tube. I just had to modify the tops of my preamps to handle the extra height now of the tubes. I really like the 6X4 tubes in place of 6Z4. Lots of choices to be had.