Can I use 24 gauge speaker cable?

I’ve been trying to google this but I only get vague answers.
I want to know if I can use 24 gauge cable as speaker cable. And if not: why not?
Usual answers are “no, you should use xx gauge”, but I’m looking for why is that? Will the speakers of the amp go off in flames if the resistance is too high? I don’t even get that because the resistance isn’t even that much of a difference between speaker cable sizes, compared to the speakers resistance.

I’m talking about ca 16ft / 5m distance between amp and speaker. By the way should that measure 16 ft or double (32ft because one cable is plus and the other minus)?

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I put some thought into it a couple years back and my opinion hasn't changed. I have some older Infinity Ren 90 speakers that dip fairly low in the impedance curve.
Excerpt from my old post:
I may try the Dueland 12 gage. I just feel the 16 gage can't handle the power requirements. I relate it to trying to run a skill saw using a lamp extension cord. It'll go round and round, but if you want to cut some serious wood, you'll want a good #10 extension cord.