Can I test each driver in a Jubal L65

So here's the scoop. I'm pretty happy in my small-ish listening room listening to my Sansui AU-9500, SR717 with Grado Silver, and Magnepan 1.4's (refurbished.)
I have a chance to pick up some L65's and I'm curious to know how they will sound relative to the Maggies. I know that the L65's will require stands...
Can I check each driver to make sure no electronic problems exist? They sound great and the surrounds look good on inspection.
You can use a multimeter to check the individual driver's impedance. You can also gently press against the woofer cone to see if there is any coil rubbing. Finally, listen to music at both low and high volume for any non-musical noises. Have a tech check the crossovers.