Can I still buy Quad ESL63 with no repair record?


Since so many of Quad ESL 63 or USA monitor have panel replaced by OTA or others. Is still possible to buy one without panel repalcement record. I am worry sound may change or mis- match of panels.
The 63 models have a sharp surface at the edge of the electrostatic panel.Seems a bad design implementation.Sharp edges near a mylar panel ?!?
I've owned the 63's for a long time now and you have nothing to fear from replaced panels as long as they were done by someone who knows what they're doing. I've used QS&D and Quads Unlimited and both did a good job. The basic fact of Quads is that the panels age over time and will need to be replaced - fear not.
Panels last 15-20 years if you take care of them, if your touchy then 10 years and send them in for a check up. To many myth about these speakers.

100,000 of thousands in service still, amps and there ability to drive them has improved over the many years. Abuse them and like any speakers you can have issues.
I had ESL 63s for 25 years and loved them. I was a bit paranoid about arcing, and when I saw one spark while listening in the dark at high volume, I sent them off to Quad USA for assessment. They said no damage really, but they replaced the two middle panels on one of the speakers with the newer, white panels, just to be safe. The original panels were the black/copper ones, so they did not match the new ones aesthetically, but they all sounded fine together. Now, the interesting part: I sold them 2 years ago to a chap in Italy, and when they arrived, the white panels were not sounding right. I later discovered that the newer panels for some reason do not travel as well as the older ones, and shaking damages them. So, we found some older style panels which had been re-built, and the buyer installed them. Just be careful with shipping these things, as it is risky.