Can I run my CD Player through a Phono Preamp?

I only have a single source and am currently running through a passive controller. There seems to be lots of phono preamps out there in my price range. Will the gain be too much? Perhaps a MM vs. a MC would be better?? If this is not possible, I'd be very interested in the technical reasons why - always trying to understand and learn from you folks. Thanx in advance.
bad idea. the phono pre does a kind of EQ on the signal, boosting some frequencies. you will have seriously distorted sound.
Wouldn't recommend it. You'll probably overload the phono preamp, and you certainly don't want to apply RIAA phono equalization to a CD signal!
RIAA equalization...duh! Nevermind.
If you are asking about the "pre pre" phono stages, (which are exclusivly for amplifiying a phono cartridge signal to be stronge enough to be used by a Line Level preamp) no you cannot, for the reasons mentioned above.
But if you are writing about using a full preamp that includes a phono stage, yes you can.
I just want it to be clear that many, many preamps that include a phono stage will work fine with any other equipment too. The preamps with a phono stage also handle 'line level' inputs such as a CD player.
Thanx Elizabeth. I meant the "pre pre." But, I understand now.