Can I run a CD player & phono w/no preamp

I know I can run the cd player straight to the amps as long as I have a volume control. Can I also run a phono preamp straight to the amps at the same time. I dont want to have to switch cables every time.
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From your question, I assume your amps have multiple inputs (e.g., one for XLR, one for RCA). If so, there's no harm in running the phono preamp to one input and the cd to another and then switching as needed at the amp. However, please be sure to check the input impedence of the amp (it may vary from input to input) and the output impedence of the source devices. The ratio should be at least 10 to 1 (output to input -- e.g., no more than a 200 ohm output into a 2000 ohm input impedence) for optimal sound. Also, while some report very good sound from forgoing the phono preamp, others have reported a sound degradation from eliminating the preamp. So, the best course is to try both if possible. I hope I addressed your question. I wasn't exactly sure what you meant by "I don't want to have to switch cables every time"
Thanks Ozfly, and yes my amps have SE as well as XLR inputs. I guess my question would better be asked as can I connect the CD to one and the phono to the other permanetly.
Unless there is a switch on the amplifier that lets you select which input to use, I don't think it would be a good idea to hook up to both inputs at the same time. Depending on the amplifier input circuit, you may be connecting your CD player and phono preamp to each other in some form or fashion.
You can if you have a Berning ZH-270, since it has 2 inputs and an a/b switch AND a gain control.