Can I run 4 ohm Dynaudio's with Marantz sr8001

I just baught a Marantz sr8001 and I see the back says 6 ohm min for rear suround channel. I have dynaudio in walls and they are 4 ohms. What might happen if I hook them up to it. It has 125 wats x 7 per chan.
Nothing will happen. Hook em up and sit back. The Marantz will be fine. It may run a little warm but not much else.
Steve O, that receiver will do just fine. I sell that receiver and recommend it to my customers who are interested in the Dyn's. No problems thus far. I will say if your are driving all 5 channels the 8001 is limited as are all receivers, they rarely meet their stated power ratings. If you like the sound of the Marantz, you might even consider the 7001 and add a used separate amplifier for the same cost of the 8001.
Here's what will REALLY HAPPEN:

As the rear channels often don't receive that much info (and if they do, it's usually for intermitent periods of time), usually things will "run" fine back there, in terms of delivering a steady flow of power. Mind you however that, depending on where the power is hitting the speakers (what frequency ranges are being stressed with information), the sound will tend to flatten out in some respects, limiting dynamics and fullness to the sound. Basically, there's more, and the amps, yes will either start to get hot or, in extreme cases, shut down! You could easily do this running two 4 ohm speakers (of modest sensitivity) running full range, if you ran them in a 2 channel stereo configuration. You couple that with the fact that receivers offer limited dynamics, flatter sound, more strainned and constricted soundstage in comparison to separates amp set-up's most often, and you just have to consider the sonic compromises that would be pressent.
If it where me, I'd MOST DEFINITELY be adding a multi-channel amp to run your system, at the very least!!!
I've done receiver setups for years, and they simply CANNOT compete in terms of sound quality over a good separates amp application. And that includes the large Denon's, Marantz's, B&K's, etc!
So, just ask yourself what level of sonic performance is acceptable, and go that route. For me, I'd not hesitate to forget the amps in those receivers, and get some REAL amplification!! (at the very least you owe it to yourself to try another amp in the system connected to your receiver running as a pre-pro, to compare).
Note, however, that running all your (even 4 ohm) speakers as "small", will help things greatly in terms of efficiency for your system which, yes, will help. Good luck