Can I replaced an attached power cord?

I have a proceed cdp3 cdplayer which comes with a fixed power cord. Is there a way to upgrade this cord to a higher end one?

Mapleshade offers a solution. I don't have any experience with it however. I would expect it to perform well given their reputation.
You can go about it two different ways. Cut out an opening for an IEC jack or put in another captive PC.

I've done both styles & they took about the same amount of work, as I had to enlarge the opening for a bigger strain relief when going to a bigger captive. With this particular captive, I also had to enlarge the holes in the circuit board, so the first thing you should do is take off the cover & see what's involved.

The benefit of the IEC jack is you can experiment w/other PC's.
Please mind that you will also add an extra connector instead of having a solid wire to your power outlet.
Thanks to all. Is it worth doing this? Between the adapter and the new cord, it will cost me about $100. This is an integrated cd player that i am using as a transport.
If your CD player has a thin lamp cord, a good shielded power cord should be a great improvement. I have switched out the PCs on a couple of inexpensive CD and DVD players and it was noticeably better. A good cord will help block out EMI and RFI interference.
As for cost, it all depends on if it's worth it to you.

In my examples, I spent about $50.00 making a DIY 83802 & installing an IEC jack on a relatively inexpensive DVD player; about $20.00 ea. (x2) for a Volex & strain relief to replace the captive PC on some older mono-blocks.

On a personal note, it wouldn't bother me if I saw something advertised for sale & it had one of those adapter boxes on it but that prob. means the item would sell for less than a similar item w/o the mod. Something to consider if you ever decide to sell, unless it's already at the bottom of its price potential.