Can I RENT a record cleaning machine?

Just wondering if this is possible anywhere. I have a relatively small collection that I figure I can keep clean with cheaper means, but I would like to give my collection one thorough cleaning without having to plunk down $1,000 for a machine.

Has anyone ever done this?
I remember stores that would clean for a fee. That was a long time ago. You don't have to spend $1000. A new VPI 16.5 can be had for under $500 and even less when bought used. If you have more than 100 records it is a worthwhile investment.
Some record shops in the UK clean records at 3 pounds each. they use Keith Monks high end machine. So, as musicslug said, best to buy a used machine.
Just buy a used 16.5, clean your records, and re-sell it. Your total cost for the machine 'rental' will be the price of the initial shipping.

Though I'd recommend hanging on to it-unless you've decided that you'll never purchase another record.
Shazam, I don't know where you are, so this might not help. My customers are free to use my Typhoon anytime. I ask that if they need inner or outer sleeves, they purchase during the cleaning session. Clearly a win/win. The bonus for me is to maybe spin something I've not heard. Or to have the client hear his lp on a State of The Art System. (Pure sales gimmickry) I did not invent this, call around, maybe somebody in your area does it too.
Good suggestions, thanks everyone. I'll ask my dealer about a loaner if possible. If not, I see a used VPI 16.5 for $400.
I agree with Johnbrown. Buy a used VPI cleaner for $350-400 and sell it when you're done. These things sell within a day or two. This will probably be the easiest and cheapest solution.

For what it's worth, DIY record cleaners are simple to make. I know this isn't what you're looking for, but thought I'd toss it out there for others who might be reading. There's no rocket science inside a cleaner. The basic ingredients are a direct drive turntable and a small shop vacuum. Of course, you'll need a brush and cleaning fluid. Teres has instructions on their site to build one for $50:

Best of luck!
There is more than one way to clean records.

Check out the thread on steam cleaning records. I had a VPI 16.5 and sold it. My records looked clean but still had surface noise.

The $30 steam cleaner, $5 microfiber cloth and $0.99 distilled water works wonders. I am doing a once over on my records and putting them in sleeves. They are now very quiet or silent.

The $5 (for three)microfiber cloth takes the place of the cleaning machine and dries the records with one wipe so that they are ready for the TT. I hand wash the cloths after doing a bunch of records.

Can you tell us what and were you bought the microfiber cloth. What steam machine are you using?
I use my wife's steam cleaner that she purchased from Sharper Image. The micro-fiber cloths you can get from any auto detail shop.
If would be nice it VPI or NITTY GRITTY comes out with a coin operated cleaning machine at high end stores so customer can come and clean their LPs (hopefully turn into more sales traffic for the store).
I also would recommend the VPI-16.5. I just got mine and set it up and started cleaning record and it makes a huge difference, they are way quieter. It is simple to use and quick, I've heard of steam cleaning records, with people on both sides, but I guess they argue for both side of the VPI too.....
Why not post where you are and see if anyone will help you out? If you bring your own cleaning soplution I am sure someone close may be kind enough to let you use their unit, hell you may make a new friend in the bargain.
"Can you tell us what and were you bought the microfiber cloth. What steam machine are you using? "


The "Perfection Steam Cleaner" from Walgreens. Look for the $30 model, its red. 99 cent distilled water and microfiber cloths from the Home Depot (or anywhere that sells them).