Can i plug Turntable into AR ref 5se phono input?

Im thinking of getting into vinyl. Do i really need to go out and buy a Ref Phono pre amp or is there a way to experience decent quality vinyl playback utililizing my Audio Research 5SE. Id like to know what components you guys are using if you have done this. Ive been looking at the Clear Audio line of turntables  to experiment with. 
You don't necessarily need a Ref Phono preamp. But you'll need some kind of phono preamplifier to connect to your Ref 5 line stage, unless your turntable itself has a built-in phono stage.
I agree with Cleeds.  The Ref 5SE does not incorporate a phono stage, and its "phono" input differs from its other inputs in name only, and is intended to receive the line-level output of an external phono stage.

-- Al

Any decent phono stages you all could recommend? My budget for phone stage, turn table, and MM cartridge is about $4K.  Second hand on Audiogon is fine by me. Your expertise is greatly appreciated. 
The Gold Note PH-10 phono stage has received a good deal of favorable commentary here, although I have no experience with it.  And it would provide you with LOMC capability as well as MM capability, should you eventually decide to go to an LOMC cartridge.  I believe it lists for about $1700 in the USA. 

I'm not familiar with turntable/tonearm/cartridge combinations that would fit within your budget in combination with a phono stage in that price range, and that would do justice to your excellent preamp.  Perhaps others will provide such suggestions.

Good luck.  Regards,
-- Al
Thanks Al. I totally understand. Ive read too many threads where "experts" believe digital audio is the way to go (where im at). Somehow a part of me is just really really curious!!
Seems like the pre amp would out class the turntable and phono stage if you were looking for new. I’d suggest looking for a used setup (here on Audiogon?) lots of great uses TTs and carts (if you’re willing to get used). Also many many phono stages. For instance, I’ll be selling my Rega RP8 and Quintet Black S cartridge soon. It was $4000 new just a year ago and selling probably for $2000 or so. Fantastic table. Only selling because I’ve spent 10x on a new setup.  

Im definitely thinking used off Audiogon.