Can I plug an amp into my Chang Conditioner

I have a Chang Lightspeed 3200 MKII power conditioner. It has outlets for digital and analog. The manual says it is non current limiting and can handle amplifiers. Can I plug my MacIntosh MA 6900 integrated amp into it? It is rated at 200 WPC. I will eventually experiment with it but wanted to see what others have done. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Hi, For a while I used my ss int. amp with my older Chang 6400 20amp hi current model. Sounded good but later went to a tube int. amp and also to (2)(amp and digital) dedicaded ac power lines and thought it sounded better and sold the Chang. I think the 3200 was made more for lower powered gear( cdp, pre-amp, tuner). But give your amp a try. Jerry
I would assume that that is what it is for...I personally didn't like what power conditioning did for my amp with a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet 15A version. That was with a Bryston B60 integrated. I'll probably borrow it from my friend again now that I have changed integrateds and see how it sounds. He is an audio nut with all the different kinds of conditioning etc and has said that different conditioners were good on some of his components and bad on others and vice versa. I say have fun and let your ears do the have it there...why not try it?

Happy listening

My amps plug into the wall. Everything else goes into either the Panamax or Monster conditioners.
I use my Chang 3200 for my power amp - Audio Research Classic 30, which I NOT a power hog by any means. I think it makes an audible difference. I use it also for some other gear, but it has little effect there. My Musical Fidelity pre has some mighty good transformers which must clean up the power on their own. My DAC has an outboard transformer of it's own. I've never noticed an effect of power conditioning on my trasnport. My turntable DC motor also has an outboard transformer. Still, the Chang akes a handy power strip :)

Do it and see.
The audible problem usually is that the amp's sound becomes 'thin'. Too restrictive a conditioner (in my system) gives greater clarity and definition in the bass, but it also begins to be 'thin' sounding.
Vs the 'wooley' sound of thick bass. ???
After one brief test, I think my amp sounds better plugged straight into the wall. Upon revisiting The owner's manual of my 6900 amp it explicitly says that it should be plugged directly into the wall given all of its power handling technology already built into the amp. Happy to hear other opinions, but thanks for all your input.