Can I play Tidal on two devices at the same time?

I thought I read when I signed up for Tidal HiFi that you could play it on like 5 devices. I assumed that meant 5 devices simultaneously. Well we downloaded Tidal (actually LUMIN that incorporates Tidal into their app) on the iPad for playing at home. We also downloaded Tidal on the wifeys phone so she can listen while she’s at work. Well, I noticed while at home the Tidal kept stopping. About that same time my wife texted me and told me the Tidal on her phone kept stopping. Apparently we were both stealing the Tidal connection from each other. Is this how it’s suppose to work or should we be able to acces Tidal from more than one device at the same time?

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That's typical.  At home I kind of get around this because I can stream the same music to multiple devices at the same time. 


Tidal is $20 for 1 membership, on up to 5 devices, usually not simultaneously or $30 for a family membership. Family was not mentioned by them, had to google it then found a subscription link. I experienced the same stop & go as you.
If you had a Bluesound Node, yes.
Well I’m paying $26.99 for hifi, if family “hifi” is only $3 bucks more then it’s a no brainer. 
why/how are you paying $26.99?
options were 10,20 or 30
where did 26.99 even come from?
I have no idea why it’s $26.99. I had it about a year ago and it seems like I paid $20 so then when I signed up this time there was no free trial and this was the price. We had Deezer for $13 and you could play up to 4 devices at a time but my new LUMIN A1 streamer doesn’t support Deezer.