can i play old 78's with a shure v15vmxr

i just discovered some very old 78's in the closet. they are in brown binders with the victrola and dog stamp,the date on the binder is 1904. the records are mostly 10" victor or victrola.with some 12".visually they appear in
good shape but i would like to play them to check.can i play these on a restored lenco/shurev15vmxr.

You should use a stylus designed to play these records. The size of the groove is much larger than modern records. Shure sells a stylus N78S that fits your cartridge for $40 that is designed for these records.
Hi Tim,
How do you like your restored Lenco?. I have one on the go now.Just finished cutting the plinth and will drop a Ol1 2b250 arm in it.Mines a L-70,what model do you have?

thanks herman
appreciate the link
love the lenco. the model is l75,arm is nos decca international,cartridge is shure v15vxmr.sounds fairly
close to my basis1400,rb250,benz m2 wood
with your ol rb250 yours should sound great.

I forgot to mention that a lot of 78s didn't use the same response curve as the modern RIAA standard so they won't sound their best through an RIAA phono stage. If you get serious about it then you will want to get a phono stage with adjustable curves.